CEO of the Landmark Entertainment Asia 

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Business Administration undergraduate degree and MBA graduate degree, Sam worked all over the world in many different fields, including Price Waterhouse Coopers, in the financial sector at J.P. Morgan, F&B with PMG Foods, in the bio medical industry with PMG BioPharming, many theme parks and real estate developments all around the world, investment in numerous start ups, investing and producing more than 20 entertainment projects that include likes of all time Korean classic movie "Old Boy" and companies with Michael Bay of "Transformers" and Simon Fuller of "American Idol", etc. 

Sam has worked extensively all over the world in the countries like Russia, UAE, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, China, etc. 

Founder& CEO



CVC Fund 

Sascha Seifert is a connector between creativity and capital. He is an entertainment industry Analyst, who has also founded numerous companies in the media- and film-production, and filmdistribution space. Beside his responsibilities as a founding partner, he has worked for his companies in roles diverse as CCO, CTO or CMO. Sascha also is a published writher, visualist and film director.

His Director- and DoP-Work for his film "Slow" has won him the Ghiasodin Jamshid Kashani Award. Sascha Seifert is a Technology early adopter. One of his companies was among the first indie distributors to move into digital theatrical distribution formats. For example, he led the first ever German test for cinema online ticketing (in the early 2000s), he launched as editor in chief, one of Germany's first online only publications in the mid 1990s. As partner in his companies, Sascha constantly attends many relevant international festivals and markets globally. Sascha currently is a Partner Germany company at MOUNA GmbH Film & Media Studios. Most recently he co-started CVC Entertainment IP Funds, an accelerator/incubator for international Entertainment IPs.



Partner New Media Law 


Ian Penman, one of the founding partners of New Media Law, is a solicitor with a breadth of experience across the media and entertainment sector. 

Ian advises a wide range of high profile clients within the internet, television, film, music, gaming, software and publishing industries. 

Ian provides specialist advice in areas such as intellectual property rights (including copyright, data protection and trade marks), licensing, distribution and production as well as providing overall commercial advice on other areas that are key to the client's business needs, such as mergers and acquisitions, libel and slander, litigation and corporate and commercial agreements.

Since 1995, Ian has been a Visiting Principal Lecturer at the University of Westminster, and in 2014 founded New Media Law's "Media Law & Business Affairs" Diploma, which is now in its 3rd year: 

In his spare time, Ian can be found racing cobras, captaining his Riva boat in the Cote d'Azur (jointly owned with Peter Dally), or working as Chairman of a tiger charity:



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