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The Irkutsk Forum will bring together leading IT experts from all over the world

A major event will take place in August

This summer, Eastern Siberia will be the heart of digital technology. On August 8, the long-awaited blockchain event BaikalBlockchain & Crypto Summit (BBCS'2019) will open in its capital. Experts, startups, miners, developers and crypto-enthusiasts will gather in Irkutsk. They will learn all about the latest achievements in the industry, share experiences and useful contacts. Leading global companies will hold master classes for the guests of the large-scale event.

Baikal Blockchain & Crypto Summit will bring together IT-specialists in the field of mining and legal regulation. The summit will be attended by developers of innovative products. For convenience, it is divided into two parts: On 7 August, the organisers decided to hold rASiABaikal Forum 2019 with a separate programme. A day later, Baikal Blockchain & Crypto Summit will take place, in which the main experts of the digital sector, in particular the management of Bitfury Group and Minery.io, have already confirmed their participation. The list of invitees also includes Bitmain, Bitcoin.com, Consensys. The leading companies of South Korea and Japan will not stand aside, representatives of other high-tech countries will arrive.

Blockchain and digital technologies will be presented by major players, innovators and visionaries at the summit. The speakers of the forum will be Dmitry Ufaev, the head of Bitfury Russia, and Alexander Shulgin, one of the most famous investors in the blockchain industry and the founder of the "Last Name" group of companies. Artem Yafyan, Managing Partner of Uscutum Law Firm, and Sam Lee, representative of Blockcain Global, also confirmed their participation. Ilya Bruman, CEO of Mineri.io, the leading mining site, will come to Moscow. And that's not the whole list.

Digital industry masters and novice professionals, who can be called innovators in this field, will meet on one site. Startups will also have the opportunity to showcase their achievements. They have created innovative products. However, they do not intend to rest on their laurels. Now they are waiting for the introduction of their developments in social and business processes.

The audience of the forum will be more than 500 people who not only paid for the hospitality of Baikal Blockchain & Crypto Summit, they are truly passionate about all stages of the digitalization process. They are crypto-enthusiasts, miners, developers and IT-specialists.

They will meet with industry leaders - representatives of companies that have implemented blockchain in their business - and actively use it in the field of public administration. Beginner digitizers will add to the knowledge base. They will hear a lot about the growing mining infrastructure and blockchain, a technology of the future that will change the world and life around it in the near future. And yet, the organizers focus on getting to know each other. In order for them not only to exchange experience, but also to exchange useful contacts, find partners and investors.

The guests will visit the panel discussions, where topical topics in the cryptotechnology industry will be raised. The organizers promise many pleasant surprises. VIP-zone will be at the disposal of special guests. There you can comfortably negotiate and sign mutually beneficial agreements. Space for exhibitions will also be organized. Fans of gadgets will be able not only to discuss new developments, but also to test the software.

The meeting place of modern geniuses is not chosen by chance. Irkutsk Oblast is one of the most convenient regions of Russia for digitalization. Inexpensive electricity provides miners, of whom there are about five thousand here, not only with great hopes, but also with opportunities. Irkutsk is also a city of students. Almost 100 thousand newcomers graduate here every year. The future of the IT industry is just behind them.

And finally, an important role in determining the location of Baikal Blockchain & Crypto Summit was influenced by the location of Irkutsk. It is located between Central Russia and Japan and is an important logistics hub. Accredited for the summit or become a partner can be the official website of Baikal Blockchain & Crypto Summit.

Author Ksenia ANDREVA

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